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Submitted by Nigel, aka SubDirectory (3), 31 December 2015



"In your mind, you have capacities you know, to telepath messages through the vast unknown."

Of course, these day rather than telepathy, we tend to use Twitter and other internet services to reach out, and in 2016 BLUF is reaching out even more than before, with our first official event in Australia.

That's happening on Friday 12th of February, and on the same day we'll have BLUF events in London and Los Angeles. Effectively, BLUF will be spanning a big chunk of the world's timezones on the 12th. So, just as The Carpenters declared World Contact Day, we're declaring World BLUF Day.

World BLUF Day

We hope a good number of people will turn up at the different events, and we'll try to ensure there are photographers at each one, so whether you want to come as one of Tom's Men or an interstellar (leather) policeman, do get into gear and come along to Level 2 (Melbourne), The Backstreet (London) or The Eagle (LA).

Of course, lots of our members won't be in any of those cities on the 12th, but you can still give us a sign that we've reached you. Close your eyes, concentrate, then take a photo of yourself in BLUF gear, and share it online that day, with the hashtag #WorldBLUFday.

If you're not a member, remember BLUF is free, and we'd like to make a contact with you. Just head to

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