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BLUF has members around the world in over fifty countries, with volunteers in dozens of cities worldwide. Although we don't have local chapters as such - membership of BLUF is handled centrally - each BLUF Local group has one or more people planning and organising events, and able to answer some of your queries about the club.

In many cities, we organise both BLUF Socials and BLUF nights. A BLUF Social is usually open to all, and doesn't require that you meet the full BLUF dresscode to attend (though venues may impose some rules of their own, of course). So, attending a BLUF Social can be a great way to find out about the local BLUF members, hear about the club, and decide if you want to join.

Cities listed on this page as BLUF Locals are ones where we have active volunteers planning events. Click on one of the cities to see more details of the events there.

How do I join a BLUF Local group?

Since BLUF membership is handled centrally, when it comes to 'joining' a BLUF Local group, it's more a case of showing your affiliation with that group. That may be because it's where you live, or you want to keep in touch with information about events there, or any other reason. You can join as many groups as you like.

If you're a BLUF member, just go to the BLUF Local page for a city and click the Join button. If you're not a BLUF member, enter your email address in the box below, and we'll send you a link so that you can opt in to email news for the cities of your choice.

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Active BLUF Locals

BLUF Locals are currently active in the following cities:

AmsterdamAntwerpBerlinBostonChicagoDCDetroitFrankfurtLondonManchesterMontrealMunichNew YorkParisSan FranciscoSoCalStockholm

Remember, we also have events in other cities from time to time - check the BLUF Calendar for a comprehensive list.


Amsterdam has for many years been one of the principal cities for BLUF events in Europe, and it's where many of BLUF's major milestones have been celebrated, including our 6th and 15th birthdays, the launch of the current BLUF site, and more.

Parties are held regularly, including during Fetish Pride, Gay Pride and Leather Pride.

Current organiser this year: Joffry, aka wescobootcop (2252).

Please do visit our BLUF Amsterdam events in the Web Bar, our main venue, and at some other venues in The Netherlands .

BLUF members who like to help the organizing crew or willing to take part in the Amsterdam local board are kindly requested to message Joffry, aka wescobootcop (2252).

See our new updated Events Agenda 2022 ! In October 2022 we will start with a new event; BLUF Leather Evening in the Dirty Dciks bar, more info soon to be read.

Next BLUF event: BLUF Sunday Social Afternoon, 25 Jun 2023



BLUF Antwerp primarily hosts events during the annual Darklands festival - keep an eye out for the latest information



Berlin is a key destination for BLUF members, and official events have been organised by many members, since the earliest days of the club. The first event for which we have photos was in Easter 2003, and members can find pictures in the site Magazine section.

As well as informal BLUF gatherings at Easter and during Folsom Europe, we're pleased to work with Leather Social Berlin and Male.Space to bring extra events for members around they year. You can find out more by contacting steelcollar (69) about Leather Social and GermanLTHRcop (420) about Male.Space. All official events are listed on this page. Beware of imitations.

Next BLUF event: BLUF NIGHT Berlin, 08 Jul 2023



Home page for BLUF events organised in Boston and the wider New England area. Our current home for BLUF events is The Alley Bar in Boston.

The current organiser for this area is Butch Husky (496)

Next BLUF event: BLUF New England Social, 17 Jun 2023



Information about events for BLUF men in the Chicago area, from Michael, aka chgogearman (307) and elcuero (formerly #1864). Regular socials are held, along with events in association with other groups in the Chicago area. BLUF Chicago has its own page on Facebook and a web site.



The Breeches and Leather Uniform Fanclub of Washington, DC

•Our BLUF monthly leather socials usually happen the 2nd Sunday of every month.

Instagram is @blufdc and Twitter is @blufdc or contact us Sir Will (2811) and DCcollaredboy (3551)

•The Centaurs host the yearly Mid-Atlantic Leather Contest (MAL) in January, see and @CentaurMC on Twitter.

Next BLUF event: BLUF DC Monthly Social, 18 Jun 2023




BLUF hosts regular events in Detroit, usually the second Saturday of each month (17:00-20:00) at the Hayloft Saloon. Our local organisers are BLUFinMI (4167) and Torvic (1395)

Next BLUF event: BLUF Detroit Social, 10 Jun 2023


The Breeches and Leather Uniform Fanclub Frankfurt was first introduced to the local back in 2014. It began with the regular hangout in gear of a small group.

Back then no one knew about BLUF and what it stands for. Our first ever official Meeting took place in March 2016 with a tiny hope that people would come and join us. However, thanks to huge support from BLUF.COM as well as volunteers we gladly received nearly 30 participants include BLUF Members and non-members.

Apart from BLUF Social we also organise BLUF Dinner, BLUF@Frankfurt Pride, BLUF@Frankfurt Christmas Market

Our goal is to bring men who share the same passion together.

Next BLUF event: Leather Social Frankfurt @CSD Frankfurt, 15 Jul 2023


BLUF London events traditionally took place at The Backstreet in Mile End, but following its closure, we are seeking new locations to try out. Many members also regularly attend the London Leather Social and meetings of London Leathermen. We also organise a presence at the London Pride Parade. London events are presently organised by OneKinkyGent (4700)

Next BLUF event: BLUF Canterbury - Leather & Fetish Social, 10 Jun 2023

Latest news: Backstreet at the Museum of London, 03 Mar 2023



BLUF Manchester events are organised in association with Manchester Leathermen and take place in the Manchester gay village, centred around Canal Street. Manchester Leathermen also organise a number of other leather orientated events. Information from Ed (428)

Next BLUF event: BLUF Manchester Social, 24 Jun 2023



Welcome to BLUF Montréal

BLUF originated in 1997 out of Montréal as an internet based organization. In recognition of its birthplace, a group of leather men are launching a Montréal Chapter in August 2016. The aim of the Montreal Chapter is to strengthen and grow the local leather scene via the organization of regular meetings and events for BLUF members and the leather community at large in a spirit of cooperation and friendship.

How to reach BLUF Montréal :

1 - Website:

2 - Next gathering : Friday, February 10th.

3 - Contact : more information from LanglitzMontreal (3301) Cuir99 (1675)

Next BLUF event: BLUF Montréal Monthly Meeting, 09 Jun 2023



Welcome to BLUF Munich!

Wherever you come from, what ever your ethnicy, your age and orientation may be, feel welcome here in Munich, Germany, in one of the most tolerant cities in the world for showing yourself in gear.

Our idea of BLUF is to spread the joy of wearing leather, to encourage the gay community to increase presence and to connect to like-minded men around the world in a respectful way.

Contact us for more information, inquiries or when you wish to contribute to BLUF Munich events with your ideas or support. Your hosts in Munich: Mucbiker (734), you may contact him any time, GearheadMunich (3832), and Boots Master (2442).

Please find further options for keeping in contact on the following sites:

Facebook Page

Facebook Group

We are looking forward to seeing you in Munich!

New York

You'll find BLUF men at the Eagle, where our regulat monthly socials happens once a month. We also have other occassional outings to galleries or other events, Local organiser: The Viking (1320)

Next BLUF event: BLUF NYC Social Meet-Up, 18 Jun 2023



Further to the initiative of Bearpaname (44), Copboots (1915) and Dark_Leather (264) in 2014 the French BLUF community makes an appointment in Paris.

Since 2019, the team has grown with the arrival of Bear_Lolo_Leather (548) and Pierre, aka French_leather (1302) after the departure of Copboots (1915) end 2018.

We propose three highlights each year in February, May and October. Usually, aperitifs, BLUF parties and Dinners & Brunchs.

Any member wishing to take part in the animation of the French BLUF scene is welcome ;-)

Next BLUF event: BLUF Paris Autumn 2023, 13 Oct 2023


San Francisco

BLUF SF events in the San Francisco Bay Area include BLUF SF HARD at the SF Eagle every 2nd Friday, starting 9 July 2021.

Keep up to date at

Next BLUF event: BLUFSF HARD, 09 Jun 2023


In Southern California, BLUF is most active in Los Angeles, where Robert, aka Motorboot (834) hosts a monthly gathering at Eagle LA on the second Friday of every month. Other events take place in San Diego and Palm Springs, particularly during and around the Desert Leather Pride event.

LA Leather Pride is in March every year, which include The Assembly Dress Code Event hosted by California B&B Corps, The Regiment of the Black and Tans, and BLUF LA.

Next BLUF event: BLUF LA at Eagle LA, 09 Jun 2023



About us

Members of BLUF Stockholm, with curious friends, meet regularly to socialize.

We meet for dinner before we continue to “Club Berlin” at SLM Stockholm approximately 5-6 times per year. This normally takes place on a Saturday in odd months.

We also meet for dinner before Scandinavia’s biggest fetish event “Baltic Battle” in October.

We try to arrange BLUF Social a couple of times per year, normally a Friday in March & October, in cooperation with SLM Stockholm.

To attend SLM Stockholm events, see “Important information” below.

On the agenda for 2019:


This week it is Stockholm Pride! On Saturday the 3rd of August the Pride Parade start at Norr Mälarstrand around 1 pm. You are most welcome to join SLM Stockholm group in the Parade! More info at their open Facebook-group “SLM Stockholm”. You can also sign up for different tasks there.. Will be updated during Saturday the 3rd about the exact position in the Parade.

After the Parade, we gather for the traditional BLUF Dinner, at 8:30 pm at a restaurant in central Stockholm (close to Mariatorget & SLM). We get a good meal with old and new friends before we continue to SLM Stockholm and “Club Berlin XXL”.


PRELIMINARY - A BLUF Social on Friday the 18th of October between 8 pm and 10 pm at SLM Stockholm. The club opens at 10 pm. This is a great way to start the Baltic Battle weekend in Stockholm. Take the chance to meet locals and visitors in a relaxed atmosphere with very reasonable prices in the bar. This yearS Baltic Battle will be arranged in cooperation with Reacon

BLUF Dinner on Saturday the 19th of October at 8:30 pm at a restaurant in central Stockholm (close to Mariatorget). We get a good meal with old and new friends before we continue at the oldest and largest fetish party in Scandinavia, the 42nd Baltic Battle at “Slakthuset” (Metro/Tram Globen).

Tickets to the party are available at the Baltic Battle web page. See below!

Important information about SLM Stockholm events:

For SLM Stockholm events you need either a full year membership card for a SLM, a Top of Europe or ECMC club or BLUF. The valid membership-card must be presented at the entrance upon arrival.

You can also sign up for a temporary membership (1 month) for 150 SEK at the SLM Stockholm webpage, but not later than 6 pm on the same day. See the webpage for more info. See below.

Useful addresses

SLM Stockholm –

Baltic Battle –

Facebook – (an open as well as a secret group)

Email -

For more info, you can also contact the local BLUF-members:

Lars, aka Navygaytor (2711) or Kristoffer, aka Nordic Wolf (897)

Who's in charge?

In each BLUF Local city, there is a person, or group of people who are in charge of planning events. Some have planning committees, some just have a single person - we don't have strict rules on the structure. You can find out more on each city page, and if you want to get involved, just talk to the people listed for that city.

As far as possible, BLUF leaves Local teams to manage their own events, because we believe these things are best handled by those who live somewhere. However, we do set out guidelines for organisers, including in our BLUF Event Handbook, which you can find in our document library.

We will also be publishing a Code of Conduct, which we will expect to be followed at all events, no matter where they are organised.

We will also be publishing a Code of Conduct, which we will expect to be followed at all events, no matter where they are organised.

What does 'active' mean?

We consider a BLUF Local to be active if any of these conditions is met:

  • A BLUF event is planned within the next 9 months
  • A BLUF event has taken place within the last 4 months
  • A news item has been added in the last 4 months

Other cities

BLUF has, in the past, been active enough in some other cities that a Local group has been created, but these are now considered dormant. This can happen if an organiser steps down, and no one else volunteers, if a venue closes, or for a number of other reasons. If you are interested in taking over events in one of these cities, please let us know.