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Submitted by Nigel, aka SubDirectory (3), 02 April 2014



If you're heading to CLAW this year, check out the Yearbook, for two firsts from BLUF.

The first of those is the uniform party, which is an official BLUF event for the first time at CLAW.

The second is our very first advert, which you can also see below. BLUF hasn't advertised itself before, partly because we're not a business, partly because we get new members anyway, and partly because we prefer to use our donations for the club as a whole, rather than in one area.

However, this year, thanks to the generous support of Dave, aka sirdaveuk (440) from the UK, who will also be hosting the BLUF event, and of LoyalBootboy (503) at CLAW, we've been able to place a full page in the CLAW Yearbook, which we hope will help attract more US members to the site.

It's hard to distill the essence of BLUF into just a few words, but we hope you'll like the advert.

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