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AlterEgo Photography

United Kingdom

UK based fetish photographer specialising in personalised photo shoots and event photography. Fetish art has been part of my life for a long time and my aim is to capture an individual’s AlterEgo, our “dark side”. I believe that fetish art should be captured and celebrated so contact me for a chat about how we can capture your ‘AlterEgo’ together


Archie Alpha

London, United Kingdom

Fetish photographer based in London, Archie Alpha specializes in studio and location portraiture. Send him an e-mail or view his website to find out more about commercial or personal photo-shoots.

Twitter ArchieAlpha



London, United Kingdom

I'm an amateur photographer with an interest in fetish photography. I am the resident photographer for a couple of notable London-based clubs, one of which also regularly does location shoots.

Twitter BoundPics

Facebook: BoundPics


Johann D'Nale, But I Like It photography

Leeds, United Kingdom

Johann specialises in male portraiture and images of the male body. His work has been displayed internationally - in galleries and publications. But, while my work speaks for itself, I like to think my approach also appeals to many who commission me, especially those who are nervous or first-timers - I work closely with a guy, choosing the right approach and location and then ensure they are at ease - thereby getting the best images.

Twitter butilikeit



Manchester, United Kingdom

Joshi is a photographer born and based in Manchester. Joshi is an active member of Manchester Leathermen and regularly attends Manchester Leathernen events to take photos. You can see more of his photos at or in the Manchester Leathermen Facebook group. Joshi is known for having a Fine Art style of photography and uses this throughout his other creative paths as documented in his online portfolio.



Matt Spike

London, United Kingdom

Photography is my passion in life, and I quickly took a shine to photographing sexy men, primarily men in leather. I tend to focus on fetishes these days, although leather is my favourite fetish of all. Through my own hard work and initiative I have gone on to become a recognisable name in male fetish photography, producing work for well known fetish websites, stores and other types of businesses. I regularly exhibit my work around the world and sell lots of prints. I have a studio in Soho in the middle of London and it's here or in the streets around that I produce most of my work. My photo shoots are relaxed and take approximately two hours. During that time I do not apply any pressure but simply go where the mood takes me and my subject.

Twitter MattSpikeXXX



London, United Kingdom

I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHING MEN!!! - MenArt was launched to showcase and promote my love for photographing men. MenArt now has clients from across the globe all
with one thing in common, the admiration of male form. To be included in this listing is very exciting for me as leather/fetish photography is a favourite genre. It offers so much variety and evokes great atmosphere and expression. So I would welcome discussing a shoot with you and be delighted to have you in the MenArt studios or a location of your choice.


Neil Z Page

United Kingdom

With an experienced background in graphic design and art direction, I have been fortunate to work on several private and commercial photography assignments within the gay male and fetish world. I was proud to create the poster image for the first UK Leather Pride, as well as the photography as well as the logo, promotional material and event photography for the launch of Birmingham Fetish Men. I love my work and taking on the challenge of creating and exciting image whether it be for personal commissions or commercial projects.

Twitter neilzpageimages


Paton Yates Photography

Manchester, United Kingdom

A Morepixx 2023 finalist, we like to focus primarily on sensual and intimate photography.

With a background in film and a deep interest in traditional fine art and creative fashion, we love opportunities to mix these very disparate worlds together with kink to create more emotionally driven images and perspectives. The influence of these worlds lends us to think out of the box, working out how we can create items such as unusual props to reinforce the story of an image and provide striking elements of focus within a portrait.

When it comes to our fetish photography, we like our portraits to be more personal, tailored to the individuals involved and showcasing the connection that is inherent when practicing fetish and kink. Furthermore, we like to bring this connection through to the viewer inviting them to become more than just a spectator if they desire, allowing them to feel how they would fit into the scenes and in turn, challenge the viewer to reflect on their own roles within this world.

This mix of influences and the desire for connection allows us to bring fetish more toward mainstream, edgy, fashion photography as an outlet helping to normalise kink a little more. We also like our work to be a bit more thought provoking to the viewer helping challenge their own views they may have around fetish and kink.

Twitter patonyatesphoto

Instagram patonyatesphotography


River Betencourt

London, United Kingdom

River Betencourt Photography is based in West London. River is an experienced photographer and has been published in Europe, Australia and the United States. River has been influenced by great contemporary photographers such as Jim French, Herb Ritts, Robert Maplethorpe, Tom Bianchi, Bruce Weber, Anne Leibovitz, and personal (& local) favourites - Jay Eff & Magnus Hastings.

He uses artistic concepts, like negative spaces and creative angles, as well as picturesque backdrops to compliment (rather than compete) with the subject of the image.

While it is true he continues to photograph and has photographed a myriad of different subjects, somehow he always returns to photographing the naked form. Touching on their vulnerability and showing it to the world - without ever being overly explicit.


Wölf Macleod

Glasgow & Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Hello, my name is Wölf Macleod and I am a Photographer based between Glasgow and Edinburgh in Scotland UK.

I am a self-taught photographer using my background in Television Production since 2013 I have had photographic work published in a book, magazine, newspapers as well as having Digital Artwork exhibited and displayed across Glasgow.

The past few years I have been a Portrait Cosplay Photographer but my real passion is Leather men and is now the field I am concentrating on. I like to use colours and locations for shoots, whether it at home or up some alley way. I like to experiment with graphics, ideas and light to make them original and yet not break the narrative.


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