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Paul Scherer

Berlin, Germany

Berlin-based Paul Scherer has had years of varied experience of photography from fashion shoots to illustration. His creative inspiration is the male muse. He shoots young and middle aged men, skinny and muscular, of any ethnic background, all in a constructed gestalt of kinky masculinity. The common thread in all the work is the masculine allure of the subject.


Robert.M Berlin Photography

Berlin, Germany

As a professional photographer i live and work in Berlin, which also represents the queer community in many (fetish-)events during the year. My pictures can be seen in Berlin's gay magazine "Siegessäule" regularly.

I am spezialized in portrait shooting. To my mind leather is not only a sexual inspired need, further more it is a fashion statement.

If you feel comfortable in your fetish outfit, let's meet and i am sure, we will find the best light and pose for your personal profile. Feel free to ask for conditions and take time about 2-3 hours.

Combining the composition of classical portrait painting and modern fashion photograpy i am focused to show all your details in fetish clothing. Shadows and the "unseen" give a picture a certain mystery.

Facebook: Robert.M Berlin photography
Tumblr: Robertmrebels


Ulli Richter

Berlin, Germany

In his 25th year as a photographer, Ulli's intense portrait and play shoot commissions are taking each of his clients on a truly memorable journey, which allows them to (re)discover their fetish and themselves completely.


Victor Hensel-Coe

Berlin, Germany

Victor Hensel-Coe is fashion, portrait, music, club and art photographer. Over the years he has developed a style which which ranges from drag pop to dark cinema with a focus on the identity and style of the sitter at the heart of his photographs. Available to shoot on location or in studio, Victor's use of light and framing as well as hit distinctive retouching skills will grant you a selection of pictures that transcend standard fetish photography. Shoot from last light into early night for best results...

Twitter MrHotshoe


The photographers in this list have taken pictures of BLUF members, or are well known for their work in the leather/fetish communities. If you choose a photographer from this list, please do tell them where you found their details.

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