BLUF Identity Verification

In order to protect both BLUF and our members, we reserve the right to use identity verification to prevent people under the age of 18 from accessing the site. In addition, we may use verification to ensure that people are not accessing the site under false pretences, including by using photographs of someone else to gain access.

To do so, we work with Stripe, whom we also use for processing payments in the BLUF shop and donations to

How does identity verification work?

BLUF Ltd works with Stripe to conduct identity verification online. Stripe builds technology that’s used by millions of companies around the world like Amazon, Google, and Zoom. They help with everything from accepting payments to managing subscriptions to verifying identities.

Stripe helps BLUF Ltd confirm your identity by conducting the following checks:

  • Stripe will capture images of the front and back of your government-issued photo ID and review to ensure that the document is authentic. They’ve built an automated identity verification system that looks for patterns to help determine if an ID document is real or fake. This process is like a bank teller checking your ID document to confirm that it’s real.
  • Stripe will collect your name, date of birth, and government ID number, and validate that it is real. They will check this information against a global set of databases to confirm that it exists.
  • Stripe will always ask for your consent before collecting and using your information. They will only use your verification data in accordance with the permissions you grant before starting the verification process, and based on their Privacy Policy and the data protection laws where you live.

Learn more about how Stripe is storing and handling your data.

We use Stripe Identity for identity verification. Stripe collects identity document images, facial images, ID numbers and addresses as well as advanced fraud signals and information about the devices that connect to its services. Stripe shares this information with us and also uses this information to operate and improve the services it provides, including for fraud detection. You may also choose to allow Stripe to use your data to improve Stripe’s biometric verification technology. You can learn more about Stripe Identity and read their privacy policy.

What information sees

Where we verify your identity, we will retain a record of your date of birth, and of the fact that your identity has been verified. We will NOT retain any scans or images of your identity documents, or any other information obtained from them. Data will be redacted from the Stripe Identity service once your identity has been confirmed. Your date of birth will be stored separately from the BLUF member database.

Access to identity information is restricted to a very small number of people at BLUF Ltd, via a two-step authentication process, and will not be shared with people outside the organisation, save where we are required to do so by law.

Identity FAQ

Do I have to have my identity verified if I'm already a member?

At present, this is not a requirement. However, it has been proposed that social media sites, and adult sites, be required to verify user identities in the UK, where BLUF Ltd is based. We hope that BLUF will not fall within the scope of any such changes to the law, but we cannot give a firm guarantee that verification will never be required.

Does store my personal data?

We use Stripe Identity for identity verification, and for payments through only. does not retain any scans or images of your identity documents. We keep a record indicating that your identity has been verified, and a record of your date of birth. These are stored in a separate database, not accessible to BLUF members.

What if I decline to have my identify verified?

This depends on the reason for which an identity check has been requested

  • If we have asked you to verify your identity as part of the BLUF sign-up process, and you decline, then we will not be able to accept you as a member, unless you can prove to us that you are over 18.
  • If we have asked you to verify your identity because we suspect you are using stolen or fake images, or otherwise impersonating someone, and you decline, then we reserve the right to terminate your membership.
  • If we have asked you to verify your identity because it has become a legal requirement, and you decline, we may be legally obliged to terminate your membership.
  • If we have asked you to verify your identity for other reasons, and you decline, it will not affect your membership.

Can I still continue to use a pseudonym on

Yes. The name that is displayed on your BLUF profile can be anything you wish. It is not a requirement that members use their real names on profiles.

Will other users be able to see my real name or date of birth?

No. The only information that we store as part of an identity check is your date of birth, and this is not visible to other users, or to most of the BLUF Admin team, nor will we add it to your BLUF Profile. You may you choose to use your real name, or date of birth as part of your profile information, but this information will not be verified by us.