Dominus Jaime


I have been in the BDSMk world for several years, since before I was 18 years old. That makes that my training as a therapist I add all that experience to my training as a therapist. You can see my training in the CV on my blog. I invite you to read it, there are more than 650 articles in Spanish about BDSMk and fetishism.

I have been a volunteer in several LGTBi associations (Fundación Triangulo, Federación Estatal de lesbianas, gays, transexuales y bisexuales, Cogam, FLGTB, among others). I was a contributor to the radio programme Talón de Aquiles (Fundación Triángulo).

I have received many workshops related to BDSM and health: Ecstasy is in our surrender (London Faerie), Conscious Surrender (Tantra4GayMen), The Invisible Toybox: Energy Work & BDSM (Raven Caldera), Master in Helping Relationship and Consueling (Centro de Humanización de la Salud), among others.

I have articulated as assistant and trainer in Golfox with principles (Madrid), Placeres de Lola (Madrid), Sexo en la Piel (Madrid), Real Jardín Botánico (Centro Superior de Investigaciones Científicas CSIC), Semanas de Diversidad Afectivo-Sexual (Universidad Carlos III, Madrid), Club bdsm Cinco Rosas (Barcelona), Amantis (Madrid), among others.

In all these years I have helped many people (and learned from them) either through coaching, teaching BDSM practices (in the Bdsmk Academy I offer dozens of workshops and workshops), or being their tutor. My area is the world of BDSMk, fetishism and LGTBI.

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