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The Eagle Minneapolis new branding and new life

After a few years in limbo about its future, the Minneapolis Eagle comes back with a new attitude. Known until recently as the EagleBOLTbar, this bar in downtown Minneapolis has served as the unofficial home to the Minneapolis BLUF meet-and-greet and other leather and fetish clubs and events. Shortly before … 06 Jul 2023

London Fetish Men

By Buster, Mr Leather UK 2019 Given that I regularly hear the old complaint "London gets all the good stuff, why doesn’t anyone run events where I live?" (The answer to which, of course, is "start one yourself") I’d almost started to believe that London was some kind of … 01 Dec 2019

More London Pride Photos

Longshot (2710) has kindly submitted more photos of the BLUF / London Leathermen group from this year's Pride Parade. Click on a photo to view it on Flickr. … 29 Jun 2016

BLUF and London Leathermen at London Pride

Once again this year, BLUF took part in the London Pride Parade, and we formed a joint group with London Leathermen (formerly MSC London). With around 80 people taking part, we think this is the biggest ever leather turnout for the parade. Thanks very much to Paul Turner of LLM … 27 Jun 2016

Building a community: Hard work pays off in Dublin

In January of this year, I was invited by the organisers of the GEARED Ireland night to present one of the prizes at their 'Three Kings" title holder event, which I was delighted to attend. I was one of the judges at the event last year, when Brett was chosen … 03 Feb 2015

More Flickr photos from London Pride

This Flickr gallery shows photos from the BLUF and MSC marching group in the London Pride parade; click on a photo to view it on Flickr. … 01 Jul 2014

London Pride March photos - set 1

Thanks to Longshot (2710) for this set of photos showing the BLUF and MSC group in the London Pride Parade. … 01 Jul 2014

Flickr photos from London Pride

This Flickr gallery shows photos from the BLUF and MSC marching group in the London Pride parade; click on a photo to view it on Flickr. … 01 Jul 2014

Harnessing technology

Bijou World, a vendor of vintage gay porn, wrote an interesting blog about the recent IML, in which they lamented the lack of people in full leather, compared to the number in, say, harnesses. It's an interesting read, and while I can't say whether or not it's indicative of the … 04 Jun 2014

London Leather Social

Although not a BLUF event, the London Leather Social is well attended by BLUF guys, along with a good selection of men into all the different sorts of leather. It's a friendly event which takes place in the upstairs bar at Comptons on the first Sunday of every month - … 06 May 2014

BLUF photos from London Pride 2013

2013 marked the second year that BLUF was registered as an official participant on the London Pride Parade. We were joined in our walking group by members of MSC London as well, and had a total of around thirty people present on the day. The photos here were taken by … 09 Jul 2013

Photos from London Pride

Around 30 people took part in the Pride March for BLUF and MSC London. The photos on this page were submitted to us by FllLthr (1386) … 05 Jul 2013

An old man's game?

There’s little doubt that the fetish scene has changed a lot in the last decade or so. As people have flocked to the web as a place to meet, so tastes and attitudes have changed. Where once those into leather would find like minded souls in a bar, and very … 11 Apr 2012

A leather rising

It’s all too easy to forget, while we lament the declining turnout in our leather bars, that things are very different for people in some parts of the world, and indeed to take what we have in our own countries for granted. In the UK, we often forget that, while … 13 Mar 2012


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