Staying safe online

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Submitted by Nigel Whitfield, Director, 24 May 2021



We've probably all seen them. The Facebook post about a weird looking website from a friend, in which we and dozens of other people are tagged. Or curious messages saying things like "Is this you in the video?"

They're all often preludes to getting your social media accounts attacked. And for LGBTQ+ people and activists that can be a big problem. It's not just our privacy that's at stake, but that of other people we know. If someone can access your account, they can see the people you've been talking with, the messages you've exchanged. They might even be able to see personal profiles that would otherwise be hidden to them. And in some countries, that could be a matter of life and death.

Keeping your account secure isnt just something about you. It's about protecting everyone else on the sites that you use too. However, it can be complicated, and many people think it's too fiddly. So, we've created a special BLUF guide to explain what you need to do, and how you can set up extra security measures on sites like Twitter and Facebook to protect your account.

It's written in clear English, with step by step instructions, and even a special section on what to do if you've been hacked.

You can download "Securing your onilne accounts" as a PDF or as an eBook in EPUB format