Introducing the Greek Leather Community

Submitted by Aris, aka tallbootplay (2661), 03 September 2020



From the UK to Italy, from Belgium to Spain, from Finland to France and beyond, several leather groups, communities and networks have already been established, many of them with a long history, and the launch of a similar group for leathermen from Greece and Cyprus has been long overdue.

The Greek Leather Community (GLC) was recently launched with the aim of filling this gap. With 35 new members on its Facebook group within its first couple of days, plus 10 more who do not use that social network, we are now seeking to reach out and invite more men with a passion for leather who live in Greece, Cyprus or abroad.

A group for Greek men who own or are serious about purchasing their own leather gear. Please contact Aris (Aris, aka tallbootplay (2661),, Marios (LeathermanGR (4040), or Nikos (Nikolas (3678) ).

We’d be most grateful if fellow BLUF members - and anyone else interested - would spread the word around even further.