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AlterEgo Photography

United Kingdom

UK based fetish photographer specialising in personalised photo shoots and event photography. Fetish art has been part of my life for a long time and my aim is to capture an individual’s AlterEgo, our “dark side”. I believe that fetish art should be captured and celebrated so contact me for a chat about how we can capture your ‘AlterEgo’ together


Archie Alpha

London, United Kingdom

Fetish photographer based in London, Archie Alpha specializes in studio and location portraiture. Send him an e-mail or view his website to find out more about commercial or personal photo-shoots.

Twitter ArchieAlpha


Boots Bryant PR & Photography

Los Angeles, USA

Boots Bryant is an artist and photographer from Southern California. His erotic and fetish art photography has been exhibited in galleries throughout Southern California including Rick Castro's Antebellum Gallery, World of Wonder, The Zackheim Art Conservatory, as well as several galleries in the Long Beach East Village Arts District. He's also exhibited in art exhibitions at the Tom of Finland Foundation and Rough Trade Gear's annual Queer Art Expo. In addition to photography he has worked as a product development consultant, co-creating several BDSM gear brands available in adult stores around the world. He is available for private commissioned photo sessions and specializes in working with those with little to no experience posing for a camera look their best.

Twitter bootsbryantpr

Facebook: bootsbryantmen


James Gallucci


While I've been a commercial photographer and photo editor for more than 20 years, I've been a Leatherman for most of my adult life. I've contributed and photographed a wide variety of projects, and have always been fascinated with a person's personality. I would categorize my photographic style as environmental portraiture and would be very interested in working with you to provide images that reflect who you are as a Leatherman. Please feel free to contact me for more information. Thanks

Instagram BLUF220




For years at BLUF. For several years active with the camera on the road especially in the world of Urbex.
And what is not better to photograph men in leather in those rough places.
Actually from classic till kink on our farm or abandoned buildings. Have an easy entrance for abandoned farm close to home.
Know a lot of photoshop filters and HDR photo enthusiasts for contrast and sharpness as a style.
But also use of flashes for the perfect picture.



São Paulo, Brazil

Masculicidade is a photo project by Ronaldo Donizeti (BLUF 2423) and Márcio Mattos.
The inspiration came because they live in central São Paulo, a beautiful, giant and incredible city.
It started with gogoboys photo shoots that once in a while posed in city’s streets in front of buildings and monuments becoming in a way part of the city’s scene.

Since then we want to capture the manly side of the city in it’s lights, shapes and way of living.

Our goal is to portray mans, from the society’s common to the ones that are unusual in town.


Matt B Photo

Lapinjärvi, Finland

Finland based photographer. Fetish photography and video. feel free to ask for a photoshoot

Instagram: matt_b_photo


Matt Spike

London, United Kingdom

Photography is my passion in life, and I quickly took a shine to photographing sexy men, primarily men in leather. I tend to focus on fetishes these days, although leather is my favourite fetish of all. Through my own hard work and initiative I have gone on to become a recognisable name in male fetish photography, producing work for well known fetish websites, stores and other types of businesses. I regularly exhibit my work around the world and sell lots of prints. I have a studio in Soho in the middle of London and it's here or in the streets around that I produce most of my work. My photo shoots are relaxed and take approximately two hours. During that time I do not apply any pressure but simply go where the mood takes me and my subject.

Twitter MattSpikeXXX


Motorboot Photography

Los Angeles, USA

Motorboot Robert is a photo journalist, event photographer and portrait photographer covering major leather events based in LA / SoCal. Out in the leather going back to the late 1990s, Robert has developed from a hobbyist, grabbing snaps of what is hot and interesting in gear and leather, to documenting events around the region including LA Leather Pride, Palm Springs Leather Pride, bar events and a variety of leather/fetish events.

Twitter MotorbootPhoto

Facebook: Motorboot photography


Octane Photo

Atlanta, USA

Tim - based in Atlanta Georgia USA - specializes in photographing men. Tim makes men look their best by paying attention to small details; by getting men to relax during a session; by providing clear instructions on that the model should so and how to pose; and - doing it in a fun, low-key atmosphere. A touch of humor doesn't hurt, either... Whether for casual or fetish applications, Tim makes guys look great.


Peter The Leatherman

Toronto, Canada

Peter The Leather Man is based in Toronto Ontario. A modern Leatherman that has been in the scene for 6 years. He is a leather & fetish model, photographer & a creative director for many leather projects.

Peter Tertsakian adds a new originality to link fetish and leather. Working with celebrity photographer Matt Barnes.

Twitter peterleatherxxx


Samauth Photography

Utrecht, Netherlands

Samauth Photography is a collaboration between Max Samauth and Rob, who was formerly known for Coolpictures. They joined forces in 2015, creating Samauth Photography and now deliver the highest quality fetish photography. BLUF card holders get a discount of 20% on the standard rate for personal photo shoots.

Twitter Samauth


Serge Blais - PaparaSerge

Montreal, Canada

I am a self-taught photographer which differentiates me from several other photographers. I have been developing this aspect of my personality over six years... in fact every birthday date will emphasize a year more experience to my art. Photography is a surprise in my life as an artist. I also named my first exhibition in a gallery "RENAISSANCE". Lovers of this art, I know that the photo will now be part of my journey. I hope to amaze you with this page and do not hesitate to leave comments.




I am a graphic designer and photographer based in the south of France. I often travel in France and abroad for fetish events but not only.

I offer a 15% discount if you have the Bluf white card and a 20% discount if you have the Bluf black card.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have a project or if you need a photo session.

Instagram sk8agency


Taco D Smit

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Based in Amsterdam, Taco has worked with Mister B, Antwerp Fetish Pride, RoB Amsterdam and many others. Photo shoots can be arranged in his studio, outdoors, and he's often at major fetish events.

instagram; Taco D Smit


The Dark Side of Pan

Milan, Italy

the_dark_side_of_Pan is the erotic photo project by italian artist and photographer Gianluca Panareo.

Strongly inspired by Renaissance and Baroque art, his research tries to enclose even the most explicit action in elegant images, in an attempt to capture the sublime of erotic and kinky acts.

His works were exposed into international exhibitions like Ljubljana Biennale 2014, Venice Biennale 2015 and Lebanon Biennale 2017. He is director of photography and video operator for international porn production

Twitter darksideof_pan

Instagram thedarksideof_pan


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