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Submitted by BusterBDSM, aka Jack, Mr Leather UK 2019, 01 December 2019



By Buster, Mr Leather UK 2019

Given that I regularly hear the old complaint "London gets all the good stuff, why doesn’t anyone run events where I live?" (The answer to which, of course, is "start one yourself") I’d almost started to believe that London was some kind of fetish cornucopia, an endless event listing for fetishists of all descriptions.

But after Manchester Leather Weekend, I returned home with a similar grumpy attitude - why don’t WE have something like this? Of course, we have Fetish Week London by Recon, and the Recon Christmas party, and the Recon easter party, and the Rec… oh, this is the problem.

Aside from regular sex clubs (many of which are closing due to aggressive developers, rising rents, and resident complaints of ‘undesirables’), London really hasn’t got a lot of events for a common community, for BDSM enthusiasts and Leathermen and Rubberguys, Femmeboys and Pups to come together and socialise, learn and play together.

Thankfully, if there’s one thing London has plenty of, it’s passionate nutcases willing to put in ridiculous amounts of effort to make great things happen.

So on that note, Buster, Mario, Sam Syron, James RubberCub, and Matt Spike are proud to announce London Fetishmen - a new all fetish events focussed initiative for London: In collaboration with London Leathermen, Rubbermen of London, RealClearFetish, Comptons of Soho, retailers and club promoters, partnering with the prestigious Bishopsgate Institute and in support of The Outside Project, London’s first LGBT+ youth homeless collective.

We are launching in January with a three day event to celebrate International Fetish Day on the 18th January - with a packed line up of social, cerebral and sexual events that serves as a statement of intent: to provide the London fetish community with events for everyone, regardless of fetish.

We firmly believe in inclusion, and will work to make as many of our events accessible to wheelchair users and those with sensory impairments. We will be openly welcoming to transmen who identify as fetishists or kinksters - you are welcome at all of our events regardless of the stage of your transition. Dress codes will be descriptive rather than prescriptive, to keep the club as financially accessible to all as possible.

Membership will be open to all - and financial commitment only asked of those who can afford it. Events will be run at cost price, and profits (beyond what we need to run future events) will be donated to The Outside Project, to support their fantastic work with LGBT+ homeless young people, who account for a quarter of the young rough sleepers in the UK. We believe that everyone needs somewhere they feel at home. As we make a place for ourselves, we commit to help others to do the same.

We’re excited to start an initiative that is reflective of the broad spectrum of interests, backgrounds and fetishes that the London community holds, and we’re overjoyed to do so in the spirit of collaboration with the existing structures in the city.

We look forward to seeing you all in January!

Buster AKA Jack, Mr Leather UK 2019 @londonfetishmen